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TSOData_datadefinition.dat is an interesting file which appears to define many (or all?) of the DBRequestWrapperPDU/DataServiceWrapperPDU request/response bodies and provides names to all of the fields. The file is used by TSODataServiceClientD.dll in every version of the game, however, the code for reading the request/response bodies is hardcoded in DBAppServiceClient.dll which does not use this file (e.g. the code for reading the LoadAvatarByID response body is located at DBAppServiceClientD_base+0x2f4a0, and it does a series of "read dword", "read string", etc. calls).

The RTTI for EA-Land's version of TSODataServiceClientD.dll also mimics some of the contents of this file.

All integers are little-endian.

Its format is as follows:

  • Timestamp - A 4-byte Unix timestamp specifying the time that this file was generated
  • 1st-level struct count - A 4-byte unsigned integer specifying the number of 1st-level structs
  • 1st-level structs - For each 1st-level struct:
    • Name string ID - A 4-byte unsigned integer specifying the string ID of a string that represents the name of this struct
    • Field count - A 4-byte unsigned integer specifying the number of fields defined for this struct
    • Fields - For each field:
      • Name string ID - A 4-byte unsigned integer specifying the string ID of a string that represents the name of this field
      • Classification - 1 byte with a value between 0 and 2 (inclusive), corresponding to the table below:
Value Meaning
0 Single field (e.g. "AvatarSkills_Logic")
1 Unknown (e.g. "GDMInbox_MessageMap")
2 List of single fields, all of the same type, preceded by a 4-byte count (e.g. "LotAdmitInfo_AdmitList")
      • Type string ID - A 4-byte unsigned integer specifying the string ID of a string that represents the type of this field (e.g. "bool", "Uint32", "string")
  • 2nd-level struct count - A 4-byte unsigned integer specifying the number of 2nd-level structs
  • 2nd-level structs - The 2nd-level structs follow the same format as the 1st-level structs but may also declare fields with 1st-level struct types
  • Derived struct count - A 4-byte unsigned integer specifying the number of derived structs
  • Derived structs - For each derived struct:
    • Derived struct string ID - A 4-byte unsigned integer specifying the string ID of the name of this derived struct
    • Parent struct string ID - A 4-byte unsigned integer specifying the string ID of the name of the parent struct that this struct derives from
    • Field mask count - A 4-byte unsigned integer specifying the number of field masks defined for this derived struct
    • Field masks - For each List 3.1 entry:
      • Field name string ID - A 4-byte unsigned integer specifying the string ID of the name of the field that this mask applies to
      • Mask value - 1-byte either 0x01 for "keep" or 0x02 for "remove" from the parent struct; note that the number of field masks does not always equal the number of fields in the parent struct; if a field in the parent struct does not have an associated field mask, it defaults to "keep"
  • String entry count - A 4-byte unsigned integer specifying the number of string entries
  • String entries - For each string entry:
    • String ID - A 4-byte unsigned integer that identifies this string entry (and is referenced by the structs above)
    • Value - A null-terminated string
    • Category - 1 byte with a value between 1 and 5 (inclusive), corresponding to the table below:
Value Meaning
1 Field (e.g. "AvatarSkills_Logic")
2 Built-in type (e.g. "bool", "Uint32", "string")
3 1st-level struct type (e.g. "AvatarSkills")
4 2nd-level struct type (e.g. "AvatarList")
5 Derived struct type (e.g. "AvatarIDByNameLookup")


Name String ID Type Class ID Integer association Floating-point association
AdmitInfo_Lot 0xB2C6ED04 Derived struct type 0 0.5
Avatar 0x05600332 2nd-level struct type
Avatar_Age 0xC4C180E1 Field
Avatar_Appearance 0xF1B92C99 Field
Avatar_BlockedAvatarsInCurrentHouse 0xD30CBB2D Field
Avatar_BookmarksVec 0xD1568F5E Field
Avatar_Budget 0xF2B3AEAA Field
Avatar_CurrentJob 0x9D71F593 Field
Avatar_CustomAvatarAppearance 0x7498BC4B Field
Avatar_Description 0x54B99C9A Field
Avatar_EntitledDays 0xEB9B4560 Field
Avatar_FinancialDetailVec 0xAC58677D Field
Avatar_FinancialHistoryVec 0x5E449F34 Field
Avatar_FriendshipVec 0x3592FCB8 Field
Avatar_IsFounder 0x3D51C79B Field
Avatar_IsOnline 0xAB1312D4 Field
Avatar_IsParentalControlLocked 0x34300446 Field
Avatar_JobLevelVec 0x4D8007A5 Field
Avatar_LotCategoryAllowed 0x8DBB5909 Field
Avatar_LotGridXY 0x7E0DD35C Field
Avatar_Name 0x4FFE270C Field
Avatar_NewFWebComment 0x361B0BE3 Field
Avatar_ParentalControlPasswordChecksum 0x9251626D Field
Avatar_ParentalControlsPassword 0xC844C77E Field
Avatar_PrivacyMode 0x4954D309 Field
Avatar_ProfanityFilterEnabled 0xA6C35206 Field
Avatar_ProfanityFilterLocked 0x91FA9101 Field
Avatar_SearchInfo 0x0891A3B2 Field
Avatar_SearchResultsVec 0x6216513E Field
Avatar_Skills 0x1113D6D7 Field
Avatar_SkillsLock 0xF65CD676 Field
Avatar_SkillsLockPoints 0x4A501572 Field
Avatar_SubscriptionLevel 0x3AEF974B Field
Avatar_Top100ListFilter 0xC40B51E2 Field
AvatarAppearance 0x3B0430BF 1st-level struct type
AvatarAppearance_BodyOutfitID 0x1D530275 Field
AvatarAppearance_HeadOutfitID 0x687475BF Field
AvatarAppearance_SkinTone 0x2511B29C Field
AvatarBudget 0x79DB8D45 1st-level struct type
AvatarBudget_ArchitectureValue 0xD52F1AC8 Field
AvatarBudget_Cash 0x1A3817D8 Field
AvatarBudget_MoneyInObjects 0xA282EC15 Field
AvatarBudget_ObjectValue 0x6D2F80DB Field
AvatarIDByNameLookup 0x0B74D825 Derived struct type
AvatarIDByNameResult 0x368D7E19 2nd-level struct type
AvatarIDByNameResult_ID 0x2916B8AB Field
AvatarIDByNameResult_Name 0x7D1636BF Field
AvatarInfo 0x04ACF8DE 1st-level struct type
AvatarInfo_AvatarLimit 0xEB0F152F Field
AvatarInfo_AvatarMoveCityName 0xBE6334FD Field
AvatarInfo_BodyOutfitID 0x2AD021CD Field
AvatarInfo_CityName 0x4B610300 Field
AvatarInfo_CustomAvatarAppearance 0x677A5B77 Field
AvatarInfo_Description 0xECAA5D81 Field
AvatarInfo_HeadOutfitID 0xBE4296FA Field
AvatarInfo_ID 0xBCEE41A7 Field
AvatarInfo_IsPrimaryAvatar 0x2E63AAFC Field
AvatarInfo_LotGridXY 0xBFDAA944 Field
AvatarInfo_LotName 0x335B423E Field
AvatarInfo_Name 0x1F29E897 Field
AvatarInfo_SkinTone 0xB1436656 Field
AvatarList 0x27607CD1 2nd-level struct type
AvatarList_AvatarVec 0x3C261312 Field
AvatarSkills 0x3AC8863B 1st-level struct type
AvatarSkills_Body 0x3E5A2710 Field
AvatarSkills_Charisma 0xBE09715C Field
AvatarSkills_Cooking 0xA2C0DCBD Field
AvatarSkills_Creativity 0xE9F6E283 Field
AvatarSkills_LockLv_Body 0x4E8C611D Field
AvatarSkills_LockLv_Charisma 0xC34C2311 Field
AvatarSkills_LockLv_Cooking 0x983EBCA3 Field
AvatarSkills_LockLv_Creativity 0x7C18045F Field
AvatarSkills_LockLv_Logic 0x20CCA645 Field
AvatarSkills_LockLv_Mechanical 0x624682ED Field
AvatarSkills_Logic 0x06AB69D6 Field
AvatarSkills_Mechanical 0xDB058063 Field
Bookmark 0xCDB4AF38 1st-level struct type
Bookmark_Avatar 0xD3B216CA Derived struct type 64 64.0
Bookmark_Lot 0x4BD42E0C Derived struct type 64 64.0
Bookmark_TargetID 0x39798CDE Field
Bookmark_Type 0xC5C38D12 Field
bool 0x13FF06C5 Built-in type 0x696D1183
BudgetWindow_Avatar 0x72FCD3A3 Derived struct type
City 0xED56D057 2nd-level struct type
City_CustomCityAppearance 0xDEF3127C Field
City_LotDBIDByInstanceID 0x7C335A2B Field
City_LotInstanceIDByDBID 0xD9DA4AD6 Field
City_NeighborhoodsVec 0x8544BA29 Field
City_OnlineLotVector 0x23ECAD28 Field
City_ReservedLotInfo 0xA2AE3282 Field
City_ReservedLotVector 0x09A9B265 Field
City_SpotlightsVector 0xC740D3A9 Field
City_Top100ListIDs 0xEAAA30F3 Field
City_TopTenNeighborhoodsVector 0x2E980A03 Field
CityInfo 0xEF52F129 1st-level struct type
CityInfo_AvatarsOnline 0xE130C60E Field
CityInfo_GMTHigh 0x58D32EF4 Field
CityInfo_GMTLow 0x0982621D Field
CityInfo_IsBusy 0x39AB2907 Field
CityInfo_IsClosed 0xFA57B852 Field
CityInfo_IsFrontier 0x6961079F Field
CityInfo_IsFull 0x790AEC87 Field
CityInfo_IsOnline 0x1BB8C8E7 Field
CityInfo_MotDList 0x211D9BDB Field
CityInfo_Name 0xA64D5A6E Field
CityInfo_Number 0xDAC9FB33 Field
CityInfo_Rank 0xFB738629 Field
CityList 0x3032633D 2nd-level struct type
CityList_CityVec 0x1AF0C47C Field
CurrentAvatarList 0x10815CED Derived struct type
CurrentCity 0xE4E9B25D Derived struct type 0 0.2
CurrentCityList 0xCCFADC8B Derived struct type
CurrentCityTopTenNeighborhoods 0xDC07F91F Derived struct type 0 0.5
CurrentGameConstants 0x35919071 Derived struct type 1 0.1
CurrentHouse 0x1AFE7221 Derived struct type
CurrentSelectorApprovalLevel 0x7CAC4676 Derived struct type 2000 200
CurrentTop100List 0x13639511 Derived struct type 0 0.5
CustomAvatarAppearanceProperty 0x5414095C 1st-level struct type
CustomAvatarAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData1 0xD91C4D62 Field
CustomAvatarAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData2 0x4D90D554 Field
CustomAvatarAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData3 0xC849FE4A Field
CustomAvatarAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData4 0x07EDAEB4 Field
CustomAvatarAppearanceProperty_AppearanceGuid 0x3EBEBA7B Field
CustomAvatarAppearanceProperty_AppearanceUrl 0x06A6CDBC Field
CustomAvatarAppearanceProperty_AppearanceUrl2 0x2843A63E Field
CustomCityAppearanceProperty 0xCB7A0D45 1st-level struct type
CustomCityAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData1 0x4E6E833A Field
CustomCityAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData2 0x887DFF64 Field
CustomCityAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData3 0x8B676223 Field
CustomCityAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData4 0xE879BFAB Field
CustomCityAppearanceProperty_AppearanceGuid 0x70DBB85C Field
CustomCityAppearanceProperty_AppearanceUrl 0x1E922542 Field
CustomCityAppearanceProperty_AppearanceUrl2 0x998C39D8 Field
CustomLotAppearanceProperty 0x62F16DDD 1st-level struct type
CustomLotAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData1 0x6C5F8ADB Field
CustomLotAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData2 0x0E66507D Field
CustomLotAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData3 0x2D5073E4 Field
CustomLotAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData4 0x3D605776 Field
CustomLotAppearanceProperty_AppearanceGuid 0x6673A2EA Field
CustomLotAppearanceProperty_AppearanceUrl 0x2D4FAC54 Field
CustomLotAppearanceProperty_AppearanceUrl2 0x1872723C Field
CustomNeighborhoodAppearanceProperty 0xF0AD05F9 1st-level struct type
CustomNeighborhoodAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData1 0x60F2E646 Field
CustomNeighborhoodAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData2 0xBF5D94D9 Field
CustomNeighborhoodAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData3 0x4766F2F4 Field
CustomNeighborhoodAppearanceProperty_AppearanceData4 0x6BFCD944 Field
CustomNeighborhoodAppearanceProperty_AppearanceGuid 0x48A8F45C Field
CustomNeighborhoodAppearanceProperty_AppearanceUrl 0x6F3D0599 Field
CustomNeighborhoodAppearanceProperty_AppearanceUrl2 0x755C00AC Field
DataUpdateEventList 0x34F1E4B9 2nd-level struct type
DataUpdateEventList_CurrentSequenceID 0xAC8B73E5 Field
FinancialDetail 0x8008F39D 1st-level struct type
FinancialDetail_Detail 0x930081B0 Field
FinancialDetail_TimeFrame 0x54570B9A Field
FinancialDetail_Type 0xCFA160C7 Field
FinancialDetailRec 0x37778C62 1st-level struct type
FinancialDetailRec_Amount 0x0795ABA4 Field
FinancialDetailRec_Category 0x28A9BA8E Field
FinancialHistory 0x5022F2A2 1st-level struct type
FinancialHistory_History 0x9D73CBE4 Field
FinancialHistory_TimeScale 0x0F9E0B1B Field
FinancialHistory_Type 0x7B94034E Field
FinancialHistoryRec 0x71762043 1st-level struct type
FinancialHistoryRec_Amount 0x7D05733C Field
FinancialHistoryRec_Date 0xE4609DF8 Field
FriendshipWeb_Avatar 0x67281FA4 Derived struct type 20 10.0
FriendshipWebComment 0xC7D2B161 2nd-level struct type
FriendshipWebComment_Text 0x196EC987 Field
FWebCommentSetter 0xD6BF68E2 1st-level struct type
FWebCommentSetter_CommentText 0x1DCB24C5 Field
FWebCommentSetter_TargetID 0xF1A44767 Field
GameConstantEntry 0x474C4DE7 1st-level struct type
GameConstantEntry_date 0xE893F711 Field
GameConstantEntry_name 0x56903F15 Field
GameConstantEntry_value 0x274FCAD5 Field
GameConstantEntry_version 0x5B24746B Field
GameConstants 0x81A94BE2 2nd-level struct type
GameConstants_ConstantList 0x9435A100 Field
GDMessage 0xF26B5DCD 1st-level struct type
GDMessage_Body 0x5E662D94 Field
GDMessage_Data1 0x5F948A1D Field
GDMessage_Data2 0xEBC110F1 Field
GDMessage_Data3 0x54CE80C5 Field
GDMessage_Data4 0x1DEED6CD Field
GDMessage_DisplayType 0xF5DECB0C Field
GDMessage_HasReplied 0xAA160B56 Field
GDMessage_ID 0x42028985 Field
GDMessage_IsRead 0x85C9A23D Field
GDMessage_MessageSubType 0x99247637 Field
GDMessage_MessageType 0xFE000E0A Field
GDMessage_ReplyID 0xAD86405A Field
GDMessage_ReplyMessageType 0x04EB8729 Field
GDMessage_SenderID 0xF93A7979 Field
GDMessage_SenderName 0x85E1BDE0 Field
GDMessage_SourceID 0x0485687F Field
GDMessage_SourceName 0x84363F83 Field
GDMessage_SourceType 0xA6BF82B4 Field
GDMessage_Subject 0x6C0EFE23 Field
GDMessage_TargetID 0xEE3AA0FB Field
GDMessage_TargetName 0xC681AEA1 Field
GDMessage_TargetType 0xADA03A6B Field
GDMessage_TimeDay 0x36BE58DF Field
GDMessage_TimeHour 0x4FE3F6AD Field
GDMessage_TimeMinute 0x2BB30173 Field
GDMessage_TimeMonth 0x442C6A6A Field
GDMessage_TimeSecond 0x83103BFC Field
GDMessage_TimeYear 0x5FDD14DB Field
GDMessage_Type 0xF697156F Field
GDMessageCount 0xBAEE7E71 1st-level struct type
GDMessageCount_Awaiting 0x0E3732CD Field
GDMessageCount_Received 0x73C14B22 Field
GDMessageSettings 0x920D3ECD 1st-level struct type
GDMessageSettings_MaxSequenceDBID 0x01328E68 Field
GDMessageSettings_Sort 0xE8A5FD2D Field
GDMInbox 0xE2ECEDFF 2nd-level struct type
GDMInbox_MessageCount 0x1CD0C112 Field
GDMInbox_MessageMap 0xA7F055FF Field
GDMInbox_MessageSettings 0x26F0627B Field
iunknown 0x2993BC87 Built-in type 0xA99AF3B7
JobLevel 0x889D3F3B 1st-level struct type
JobLevel_JobExperience 0x7304CDDC Field
JobLevel_JobGrade 0x2FF353EB Field
JobLevel_JobType 0xA0711975 Field
Location 0x51F55BCE 1st-level struct type
Location_X 0xA513AD88 Field
Location_Y 0x39DD806A Field
Lot 0x7A6CECEE 2nd-level struct type
Lot_BuildableArea 0x0D1C46F7 Field
Lot_Category 0xFE9E1B08 Field
Lot_CustomLotAppearance 0xC1BB6ACE Field
Lot_DBID 0xB26D400D Field
Lot_Description 0xDA9DDE47 Field
Lot_HoursSinceLastLotCatChange 0xF05FAC85 Field
Lot_IsOnline 0x8AFA57BF Field
Lot_LeaderID 0xA393EB4A Field
Lot_Location 0x137C30EC Field
Lot_LotAdmitInfo 0xD141F6A8 Field
Lot_Name 0xA989072A Field
Lot_NeighborhoodCentered 0x206AD962 Field
Lot_NeighborhoodID 0x68D70D7E Field
Lot_NeighborhoodName 0x5065B4C4 Field
Lot_NumOccupants 0x0D6BA8A1 Field
Lot_OwnerVec 0x7D14E15C Field
Lot_PossibleNeighborhoodsVector 0xC0E5E643 Field
Lot_Price 0xEC8D5C5C Field
Lot_RoommateVec 0xCCB5FDCA Field
Lot_SpotLightText 0x0DDDDBBF Field
Lot_TerrainType 0x91D17C50 Field
Lot_Thumbnail 0x2ECC92D1 Field
Lot_ThumbnailCheckSum 0xF4CAE1D1 Field
LotAdmitInfo 0x2D9589A9 1st-level struct type
LotAdmitInfo_AdmitList 0xDE2C3FB1 Field
LotAdmitInfo_AdmitMode 0xB433558C Field
LotAdmitInfo_BanList 0x0E2F5287 Field
MapView_FarZoom_Lot 0xFD4508A0 Derived struct type
MapView_FarZoom_Rollover_Spotlight 0xAF3D3F6D Derived struct type 60 60.0
MapView_NearZoom_Lot 0xE3FC98F9 Derived struct type 60 60.0
MapView_NearZoom_Lot_Thumbnail 0x1C364C5D Derived struct type 30 6.0
MapView_NearZoom_Neighborhood 0x9702D009 Derived struct type 60 60.0
MapView_RollOverInfo_Lot 0x0C0CB1E6 Derived struct type 0 0.5
MapView_RollOverInfo_Lot_Price 0x227BED60 Derived struct type 2 4.0
Messaging_Icon_Avatar 0x8D7F9BF2 Derived struct type 3 3.0
Messaging_Message_Avatar 0x55D2AE37 Derived struct type 10 1.0
MotD 0xC728A933 1st-level struct type
MotD_From 0xE702388A Field
MotD_Subject 0xEB7A17FA Field
MotD_Text 0x2B5C8C39 Field
MyAvatar 0xA46E47DC Derived struct type 0 0.2
MyGDMInbox 0xA5754EF2 Derived struct type
MyLot 0xB5D630DD Derived struct type 4 4.0
MyLot_PossibleNeighborhoods 0x196546F1 Derived struct type 2 0.5
Neighbor_Avatar 0x77A46FE8 Derived struct type 0 0.5
Neighborhood 0xD432C523 2nd-level struct type
Neighborhood_CenterGridXY 0x00B177C7 Field
Neighborhood_CustomNeighborhoodAppearance 0x9FB3A65F Field
Neighborhood_LotCount 0x33FD561D Field
Neighborhood_LotIDVec 0x068F9549 Field
Neighborhood_Name 0x3D61B20E Field
Neighborhood_Radius 0x2FC8B191 Field
Petition_Avatar 0x0350C667 Derived struct type 30 2.0
Petition_Lot 0xC5521020 Derived struct type 10 2.0
PropertyPage_LotInfo 0x486B3F7E Derived struct type 2 1.0
QueryPanel_Avatar 0x404D4CB1 Derived struct type 0 0.5
Relationship 0x8677C9FB 1st-level struct type
Relationship_CommentID 0xF110B640 Field
Relationship_Days 0x338B211B Field
Relationship_IsOutgoing 0xB97EC8A2 Field
Relationship_LTR 0x85D28D45 Field
Relationship_Outgoing 0x7CA6D785 Field
Relationship_STR 0x8424D005 Field
Relationship_TargetID 0x3EC98836 Field
Relationship_Value 0x9EDD2439 Field
RelationshipComment 0x74AF57D1 Derived struct type 100 2.0
RoommatesPanel_Lot 0x14656565 Derived struct type 20 10.0
SearchCriteria 0x71EE79E7 1st-level struct type
SearchCriteria_ExactMatch 0x123A2825 Field
SearchCriteria_SearchString 0x4DEE3745 Field
SearchCriteria_Type 0xB1C6BDA4 Field
SelectorApprovalEntry 0xE446BA72 1st-level struct type
SelectorApprovalEntry_approval 0xF5C138C3 Field
SelectorApprovalEntry_proxyguid 0x67241D61 Field
SelectorApprovalLevel 0xC5F3DD7D 2nd-level struct type
SelectorApprovalLevel_approvalentry 0x7C86C873 Field
Server_LotNeighborhoodID 0x12962A9D Derived struct type
ServerCity 0xE752B752 Derived struct type
ServerDataUpdateEventList 0xFAA2AE00 Derived struct type
ServerMyAvatar 0x04BC4A6E Derived struct type
ServerMyLot 0x3C5DE921 Derived struct type
ServerNeighborhood 0xFC8AEAD5 Derived struct type
ServerNeighborhoods_City 0x8898E84C Derived struct type
ServerTop100List_Lot 0x2BD63EE7 Derived struct type
SimPage_DescriptionPanel 0x3998426C Derived struct type 0 0.5
SimPage_JobsPanel 0x87102FBA Derived struct type 0 0.5
SimPage_Main 0xD042E9D6 Derived struct type 0 0.5
SimPage_MyAvatar 0xEF8CB330 Derived struct type
SimPage_MyLot 0x211D969E Derived struct type 0 0.1
SimPage_SkillsPanel 0x75FFC299 Derived struct type 0 0.5
Sint16 0xF192ECA6 Built-in type 0xE9760897
Sint32 0xA0587098 Built-in type 0x896D1196
Sint64 0x90D315F7 Built-in type 0x89D3E3EF
Sint8 0x48BC841E Built-in type 0xE976088A
string 0xE0FF5CB4 Built-in type 0x896D1688
Thumbnail_Avatar 0x9062B390 Derived struct type 100 100.0
Thumbnail_Lot 0x94016F9F Derived struct type 10 2.0
Top100Entry 0xB0F860F6 1st-level struct type
Top100Entry_Argument 0xB15DF865 Field
Top100Entry_DisplayString 0xB2812AD3 Field
Top100Entry_Rank 0x630C8A38 Field
Top100Entry_TargetID 0xEC88B52E Field
Top100Entry_TargetName 0x41E2657A Field
Top100List 0xC6DDF51F 2nd-level struct type
Top100List_Avatar 0xD5D42BC9 Derived struct type
Top100List_CustomLotAppearance 0xD065DA9D Field
Top100List_EntryVec 0x261F8BA9 Field
Top100List_Lot 0xEA7B29CA Derived struct type
Top100List_Name 0x16C9D1CA Field
Top100List_Summary 0xDFAEA619 Derived struct type 30 30.0
Top100List_Thumbnail 0x3D2F6920 Field
Top100List_Type 0xDE0C493B Field
Top100ListFilter 0x483260EC 1st-level struct type
Top100ListFilter_ResultsVec 0x7EA285CD Field
Top100ListFilter_Top100ListID 0x1095C1E1 Field
Uint16 0x74336731 Built-in type 0xE9760891
Uint32 0xE0463A2F Built-in type 0x696D1189
Uint64 0x385070C9 Built-in type 0x69D3E3DB
Uint8 0x5BB0333A Built-in type 0xC976087C