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censor.dat is the file containing the censored word list for usernames in The Sims Online. In Create-A-Sim, if the user enters a username containing a censored word in this list, the user will be given the error "A reserved or improper word has been detected".

censor.dat is a Persist file. After decompression, its format is as follows:

  • String count - A 4-byte unsigned integer in little-endian byte order specifying the number of ciphered strings to follow
  • Strings - Each string is a ciphered Pascal-like string, using variable-length coding for the length field under the scheme defined in the FC FF STR# format. The string is ciphered by adding 13 to each character's value. To decipher, simply subtract 13 from each character. This is NOT the same as ROT-13.

tuning.dat uses a similar format.