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lightmap.dat is a file used in The Sims 1 and The Sims Online to fill rooms with lighting.

When the player creates a room and has not yet put in any lights, the room score will be practically 0, although the game will still light the room up. Once the first light is added, the game makes the room bright near that light source and very dark everywhere else.

When lightmap.dat is deleted, this effect is taken away, as if no lights have been added to the room (although their sprites will switch to the on state).


lightmap.dat consists of ten 8-bit grayscale images in top-down order. These are:

Offset Dimensions Purpose
0 320x232 Unknown (light intensity ramp?)
74240 320x232 Unknown (darker version of above)
148480 256x232 Unknown (darker version of above)
207872 192x232 Unknown (darker version of above)
252416 16x2220 Wall Lighting (far)
287936 32x4440 Wall Lighting (med)
430016 64x8880 Wall Lighting (near)
1744256 224x112 Floor Lighting (far)
1769344 448x224 Floor Lighting (med)
1869696 896x448 Floor Lighting (near)

You can see these images here: