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EVT is a CSV format that associates names to track/event pairs (which we can call "track events"), analogous to the HOT EventMapping section in the The Sims 1. These named track/event pairs are used by the SimAntics "Play sound event" instruction to pass events to tracks.

For each track event:

  • Track event name - The name of this track/event pair
  • Event - The event to pass; this is normally kSndobPlay (1), but may be kTurnOnTv or any other event defined in the HIT article, or one of the following:
    • 0x7dbd9f3a: used by the track event named kill_all in newmain.txt in TSO. If the event 0x7dbd9f3a is passed to the track 0x00000000, the HIT interpreter will handle the event by killing all tracks.
  • Track ID - The File ID of the track
  • Unknown - Zero
  • Unknown - Zero
  • Unknown - Zero
  • Unknown - Zero


Track events are also described in the XML format used in the Play Test version of the game with the use of the event tag as follows:

<event> TrackEventName TrackName Username Time </event>
  • Track event name - The name of this track/event pair
  • Track name - The name of the track; this is usually, but not always, the same as the track event name (an exception is the fridge_x_running track event in tsov2.xml, which specifies the fridge_exp_loop track)
  • Username - The Perforce username of the person who created the event; always pwilkinson for Paul Wilkinson
  • Time - A Unix timestamp indicating when this object was committed to Perforce

where the event is implicitly kSndobPlay (1), and tracks are defined through the track tag.