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Organized by Rhys
Time active July 31st, 2015, to present
Method Reimplementation using Monogame
License MPL v2.0

FreeSO is an open source reimplementation of the engine used in The Sims Online. It was created as a fork of Project Dollhouse, as the simulator's code and emergent networking drove the project in a different direction.

It features a near full featured implementation of the SimAntics environment, which reliably runs all objects in the game. FreeSO currently supports online play using isolated "lot servers", which function without a "city server", but this is a temporary measure to allow users to play the game while it is in development.

Extra features of FreeSO include native support for resolutioms above 1024x768, GPU acceleration, 5 storey lots and more complex lighting. Other improvements are planned but will be optional.