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I was a player of The Sims Online from 2003 to 2005. When it shut down, I moved to Second Life. TSOR and it's dependents, Project Dollhouse and FreeSO, rekindled my hopes in playing the game again. But it was never meant to be apparently since I was banned from the community, mocked and people continued to telegraph back to Rhys about my friends and me to the point that it was used for a April Fools during 2017. It's been rough.

My fork wasn't any easier. I was always on my own with those who were from the community and knew something about it were too busy focusing on FreeSO or Rhys even though they themselves had been banned as well. It was a cause of a lot of frustration and it unintentionally made it's way into my issues I wrote on Github.

The Sims Online was my childhood. Despite being brought back, it's been nothing but drama. See you on Second Life.

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